The Departure, Vol. 1 - EP

by Hunter Leyenhorst

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The debut EP from Hunter Leyenhorst.


released August 26, 2016

Produced by Hunter Leyenhorst
Tracks 1, 3 Mixed by Drew Dutoit /
Tracks 2, 4, 5 Mixed by Hunter Leyenhorst
Additional Vocals by iamjoshua /
Recorded in Grassie, Ontario



all rights reserved


Hunter Leyenhorst London, Ontario

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Track Name: Coup de Grâce
Times have changed
But I'm okay without you
Without you

Stay away, cause I'm okay
I don't need you
I don't need you

I'm in the right
You're out of time
I'll go on without you
Goodbye, goodbye

Now spit in the face
Of your own reputation
And watch as it all falls apart

And if you should ask me
There's one thing I'll say
And let me be honest,
It's better this way

So pat yourself on the back, yeah
And just remember this
When you reap all that you've sown
And you find yourself all alone
You deserve it
Track Name: My Favourite Enemy
So now we’re crawling towards the end
I will not break, I will not bend
And I know I want to leave
But something in me wants to stay
You’re my favourite enemy
You’re the one I love to hate
Hate your heart but I love your face
But now it’s time to walk away

You, my friend, can’t comprehend
The things that you do to me
I cannot free myself from this
So I let you in again
So take me to that place
You know I can’t escape
How I need to get away
So please don’t make me stay

I know that you’re broken inside
But I won’t take the fall for you
And I know when I look in your eye
You’re no fallen angel
Say goodbye
You know that I don’t want to stay
You know that I can never leave
You’re my favourite enemy

And as the bridges start to burn
I’ll watch your smile as it turns
And as we’re swallowed by the flames
I know there’s nothing left to save
You’re my favourite enemy
In your angel masquerade
Steal my heart and spread your wings
Disappear into the grey

Somewhere deep inside my mind
There is love that still survives
Love that I can’t leave behind
But you’re so unkind
And so I fight to free myself
From your serene, wicked hell
My love, I wish you well
Track Name: Vengeance
Save your breath for someone who will listen
I've had enough of the poison you dispense
You can say you're sorry but I know your words are hollow
I won't forgive, I won't forget
And I won't follow you down
I'll watch you drown, you can save yourself

I won't miss you, take your time
Walk into the light

Now you're gone and I feel so alive
You pull me under, but I know I'll survive
Save myself from the devil in disguise
Now that you're gone I know that I can come to life
I'm alive

You never thought that I could ever let you go
But I'd rather watch you leave than suffocate so slowly
I no longer care for the things you've said and done
I know enough to realize now's the time to run

I won't miss you, I'll take my time
I will find the light
Track Name: Collapse
You, you've crossed the line
And I can't fight you this time
You have nothing to gain
So why can't you let me breathe?

Break me down
I don't know what you want
Please just set me free
Your poison is sinking in
And it's too late for me

You live in disguise
Love is void from your eyes
But I believed in all your lies
And I waste my time
Track Name: Hangman
I've found myself in a game
That I don't wanna play
Lines on a chalkboard
The waves try to take me way
I wrack my brain
As I try to fill in the blanks
But there's nothing inside
And I know that it's too late

I walk through the crowd
Gotta find my place
Give it up for the hangman
Calling my name

Spin in my head
Like the hands on the clock
That counts down to the end
They lock me in
Till my luck runs out
And I just can't guess again

I look over the crowd
As I take my place
Give it up to the hangman
For making your day

I don't know where to begin
I've been here too long
Keep guessing wrong
And I'm thinking 'bout giving in
Time's not on my side
And I know I know I can't hide
I take one more try
At this game that I can't win

Spin in my head
I'm dying for an answer
Waiting for the end
Oh, hangman
So we meet again
I'm asking for your mercy
Let me live again